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This means that the Book of Kohelet was added to the Hebrew Scriptures then. It has been shown in Chap. III that anything which is sacred but cannot be used is '-n nK K0o0ndefiles the hands. With this view in mind, we can understand the mIln NW:. The Tosefta of Ma'aser underlying reason for the decree that D'',n nK K u3oD Sheni 1, 8 read as follows: lint:r (,'D vn 'mzr K' :Kt) mlKn tOw? rlyi n7,n l'np1? 1, l'npl' = mKn imln. One may buy with the money which was redeemed Ma'aser Sheni any MlKn 7n= lpyi n,n.

28a tnlpn. mn , ',9D nt m'bm:bH'lp~ ,1n. 118 Comp. Charles, Apocrypha V. I, p. VII, 119Kuenen, Over de mannen der groote Synagogue 1876; Robertson Smith, The Old Testament, p. 169; "It has been proved in the clearest manner that the origin of the legend of the Great Synagogue lies in the account given in Neh. -x . . " Compare also H. E. Ryle: The Canon of the Old Testament, Excursus A. Kohler, H. U. C. , Vol. I, p. " 156 ZEITLIN The Great Synagogue was not a permanent institution which existed at the time of Ezra only and lasted up to the time of Simon the Just but it was something like a constitutional assembly which gathered from time to time when the need for such assemblies arose.

The Book of Jubilees, Ben Sira, Tobit, Susanna, Judith, and other similar books, such as, First Maccabees, the Wisdom of Solomon, or books of an Apocaof Levitical impurity. However, after critical examination of all the passages in the tannaitic literature, relating to this episode, we believe that Dr. Buehler's theory is not acceptable. The story recorded in the Palestinian Talmud reads as =', tw, ' n pD7 nD r1 follows: ntnio'i byn ',ou p,"ni Km1', nrrmn m,l, D1y rnnn rn'Wm rn rir mii 1. This version is found several times in the Palestinian Talmud, and it is undoubtedly the correct one.

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