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By Bekir Aktas, Faik Mikailov

The booklet goals to supply an summary of contemporary development within the realizing of magnetic houses in nanoscale via contemporary result of quite a few theoretical and experimental investigations. The papers describe quite a lot of actual features, including theoretical and experimental equipment. it truly is of valuable curiosity to researchers and experts in magnetism and magnetic fabrics technological know-how, either in educational and commercial study, in addition to complex scholars.

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In all full Heusler alloys, there are 12 occupied spin down states. Then, the total moment, which is equal to the number of uncompensated spins, is given by the total valence electrons minus two times the number of minority electrons. The total number of valence electrons in Fe2 CrAl is 25. Hence the total moment would be equal to 1 µB /formula unit [13]. Thus, well-ordered Fe2 CrAl is expected to have a saturation moment of 1 µB /formula unit and should exhibit half metallic properties. However, half-metallicity has not been experimentally reported in Fe2 CrAl, since the clustering of Cr leads to the formation of highly disordered alloys [14].

Fig. 5. The M¨ ossbauer spectrum and hyperfine field distribution (HFD) of the sample MA for 15 h (MA). M¨ ossbauer spectrum and hyperfine field distribution (HFD) of the bulk sample is also given for comparison bulk sample. The decrease in intensity of the paramagnetic component also supports this conclusion that the Cr atoms are redistributed. Thus, hyperfine studies on bulk and milled Fe2 CrAl systems leads to the conclusion that the Fe-Cr type disorder, leading to Cr clustering is decreased on milling, although random disorder increases.

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