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Secondly, Table B2 repeats the finding of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and postulates that the operation of all telekinetic power-stations will be based on the acceleration and deceleration of magnetic fields. 2. Review of the main types of telekinetic power-stations built so far A number of prototypes of telekinetic power-stations have already been completed by dedicated inventors who arrived at their construction empirically. But so far there has been no theory which would explain the operation of these extraordinary devices.

Because this operation is quite complex, in the case of someone having difficulties with understanding it the author recommends additional reading about the operation of the Wimshurst's electrostatic (influence) machine, whose models are utilized for discharges production in laboratories of almost every high school. The INFLUENZMASCHINE combines as many as five different operational principles in one device. These are: (1) the electrostatic induction of charges on electrodes of the front disc, (2) the electrostatic induction of charges on electrodes of the back disc, (3) the self-sustaining of the continuous rotation of discs, (4) the replenishment of electrostatic charges, and (5) the telekinetic compensation of losses by friction.

In Table B1 these propulsors are represented by a sail (see also the descriptions from subsection B3). When B-12 the omnibus directs the stream of its exhaust gases downward, it operates like a hovercraft, flying horizontally just above the ground. During such an operation it represents the second generation of the mass circulating propulsors. The omnibus may also operate as a jet propulsor, thrusting its way up into the air. In such an operation it represents the third generation of the propulsors based on the circulation of mass.

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