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4. ch004 Table V. Radon Concentrations and R a d i a t i o n Dose Rate E q u i v a l e n t t o E p i t h e l i a l C e l l s o f the Occupants o f R e s i d e n t i a l B u i l d i n g s In and Around Chester, New J e r s e y % Equal t o or G r e a t e r Than Radon Concen. (pCi/1) Min. Max. 0) Note: Number o f b u i l d i n g s = 20. B u i l d i n g ages were from 8 t o 100 y e a r s . Percent of b u i l d i n g s <15 years o l d - 10. * T h i s value not i n c l u d e d i n c a l c u l a t i n g the a r i t h m e t i c mean.

We denoted t h a t l o c a t i o n as l i v i n g a r e a . A second d e t e c t o r was p l a c e d i n the basement i f t h e r e was one, because basements a r e more o f t e n the s o u r c e o f radon i n a b u i l d i n g . S i n c e l i v i n g h a b i t s change w i t h more f r e q u e n t use o f basements as p l a y r o o m s , machine shops o r even as bedrooms, we thought i t p r u d e n t t o measure the h i g h e s t p o t e n t i a l radon c o n c e n t r a t i o n l e v e l s t o which r e s i d e n t s o f b u i l d i n g s might be exposed.

The estimated risk from the observed radon distribu­ tions is such that a substantial fraction of the northeastern United States population is exposed to levels high enough to warrant immediate attention. In recent years, there has been growing concern about homes with high indoor radon concentration levels and a potential for increased risk of lung cancer among occupants of these buildings. Residential buildings measured in the past two years, frequently had radon concentrations 1 to 2 orders of magnitude greater than average.

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