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By Robert X. Cringely

Desktop production is--after autos, power construction and unlawful drugs--the greatest on the planet, and it truly is one of many final nice luck tales in American company. unintended Empires is the trenchant, tremendously readable historical past of that undefined, focusing as a lot at the astoundingly unusual personalities at its core--Steve Jobs, invoice Gates, Mitch Kapor, and so on. and the hacker tradition they spawned because it does at the notable know-how they created. Cringely unearths the manias and foibles of those males (they are regularly males) with deadpan hilarity and cogently demonstrates how their neuroses have formed the pc company. yet Cringely offers us even more than high-tech voyeurism and insider gossip. From the delivery of the transistor to the mid-life quandary of the pc undefined, he spins a sweeping, uniquely American saga of creativity and ego that's right now uproarious, surprising and encouraging.

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This was like Perseus giving fire to humans, and as ambitious, though well within the capability of Knuth's largest of all brains. He invented a text formatting language called TeX, which could drive a laser printer to place type images on the page as well as or better than the old linotype, and he invented another language, Metafont, for designing whole families of fonts. Draw a letter "A," and Metafont could generate a matching set of the other twenty-five letters of the alphabet. When he was finished, Don Knuth saw that what he had done was good, and said as much in volume 3 of The Art of Com puter Programming, which was typeset using the new technology.

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