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William Ward's account of the Hindu groups between whom he served as a Baptist missionary in Serampore in West Bengal used to be first released in 1811 and reprinted during this 3rd version in 1817. It was once an incredibly influential paintings that formed British perspectives of the newly outlined entity of 'Hinduism' within the early 19th century. Ward and his fellow missionaries promoted social reforms and schooling, setting up the Serampore project Press in 1800 and Serampore university in 1818. Ward committed 20 years to compiling his examine of Hindu literature, heritage, mythology and faith, which was once ultimately released in 4 volumes. It supplied richly designated info, and used to be considered as authoritative for the subsequent fifty years. it's nonetheless a huge resource for researchers in components together with Indian heritage, British colonialism, Orientalism and non secular experiences. quantity four comprises translations from Hindu sacred texts and philosophical writings, and Ward's personal reflections on schooling.

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Plato says, • Theoretical phi- On the HINDOO PHILOSOPHY. '1 On the subject of death, these philosophers entertained no idea either just or solemn. 'm Goutumu says, ' Some affirm, that death is to be identified with the completion of those enjoyments or sufferings which result from accountability for the actions performed in preceding births. ' k m Kupilu, page 169,170. ' Page 217. Page 48. " Page 241. ° Page 282. D 2 xxxvi INTRODUCTORY REMARKS mind by actions] is to be attributed to illusion. ' ' The five sources of misery, that is, ignorance, Selfishness, passion, hatred, and fear, which spring from the actions of former births, at the moment of a person's birth become assistants to actions : the existence of pride, passion, or envy, infallibly secures a birth connected with earthly attachment.

M Ugustyu, p. 33. n Vishnoo, p. 36. « Ugustyu, p. 33. v Enfield. On the HINDOO PHILOSOPHY. ' Plato seems to express a similar opinion, when he attributes all the evils of the present state to matter; that is, union to matter. "1 Here we have the doctrine that matter, &c. were created; and VeduVasii adds, ' The universe was formed from vacuum, air, fire, water, and earth. 'r In. "1 Enfield says, that the Persians, the Indians, the Egyptians, and all the celebrated Grecian philosophers, held, that principles were the first of all things.

Plat. t. p. 366. Teles, ap. Stob. ap. 535. xlii INTRODUCTORY REMARKS "himto oblivion. You have but to study him. * If he avails not himself of his expe" rience, he is a child beginning every day to live : if he makes " use of it, he is an old man who has lived only too long. He " possesses two signal advantages over other animals, foresight " and hope. What has Nature done? She has cruelly impoi" soned them with fear. What a void in every thing he does! "What varieties and incongruities in all his propensities and *• projects !

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