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William Ward's account of the Hindu groups between whom he served as a Baptist missionary in Serampore in West Bengal used to be first released in 1811 and reprinted during this 3rd variation in 1817. It used to be a very influential paintings that formed British perspectives of the newly outlined entity of 'Hinduism' within the early 19th century. Ward and his fellow missionaries promoted social reforms and schooling, constructing the Serampore project Press in 1800 and Serampore university in 1818. Ward dedicated 20 years to compiling his research of Hindu literature, background, mythology and faith, which used to be finally released in 4 volumes. It supplied richly particular info, and was once considered as authoritative for the subsequent fifty years. it really is for that reason nonetheless an enormous resource for researchers in components together with Indian historical past, British colonialism, Orientalism and spiritual reviews. quantity 1 describes and categorises Hindu deities and items of worship, celestial, terrestrial, animate and inanimate.

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It is probable, indeed, that no heathen nation ever made a single idol in honour of ' the one living and true God;' and that direct worship to Him was never offered by any heathens. Nor does it appear, from the various systems of idolatry, that the heathen regarded the gods as intercessors with the Supreme Being. It is certain that no such idea exists among the Hindoos, who never worship the One God, either directly or through the intercessions of others. The gods are regarded as the only divine beings from whom evil is to be dreaded, or good to be expected.

C 2 xx INTRODUCTORY REMARKS those horrid rites, which took their rise in the common error/ that the energetic principle is the chief object of worship. Thus the indwelling principle is adored in whatever form it is supposed to display itself: in the cow, as a form of Bhuguviitee; in the boar, as an incarnation of Vishnoo; and in an ascetic, who has passed through religious austerities supposed to be too dreadful to be borne without support from the divine inhabiting energy. ' The object of adoration being thus simple power, or energy, wherever this is supposed to reside, the impiety of the possessor forms no obstacle to his becoming an object of worship: it is sufficient that he be a god or a bramhun.

Munusa, the queen of the snakes, or she who protects men ON THE HINDOO RELIGION. xxxix From their fatal bite. The lower orders crowd to the three annual festivals held in honour of this goddess. 21. Shitsht'hee, the goddess of fecundity. She is honoured with six annual festivals, celebrated chiefly by females. Her image is that of a yellow woman, sitting on a cat, and nursing a child ; though, in general, a rough stone, painted on the top, and placed under a tree, is the object worshipped. These may be considered as the celestial deities worshipped by the Hindoos.

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