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In plants the flavonoids are nearly always in glycoside form; this is true for the flavonoid of the wings of the Marbled White butterfly (THOMSOM, 1964) and presumably for the water-soluble forms in Helix and the sertulariids (p. 82). It is clear that protein is the most common conjugant of zoochromes. , 1967). In the echinochromoproteins the ~-OH group of the quinones forms a salt link with basic amino acid groups of the protein, probably of arginine or histidine (THOMSON, 1957, p. 130). In some haemoproteins, as in the simple metalloproteins, bonding is directly and solely with the metal but in others there are also bonds with side-chains of the porphyrin.

I. S. Ribitylflavin I. Fairly s. someS. in CHCl 3 I. Melanins Isoalloxazines S. Indigotins I. n Erythro M. fairly S. S. c H 2 S04 S. (aq. pyridine) RFunstable S. I. in lutidine; S. Variable S. lut. S. in aqueous S. inNH 2 S04 S. piperazine. S. (pyridine) Unstable S. I. hot aniline). s. (pyridine; S. Erythro and phaeo M. are fairly S. but destroyed I. s. S. S. Low S. y; conju- S. gates with protein slightly S. I. I. I. Ribitylflavin unstable Unstable Destroyed All S. 5 N NaOH phors is still uncertain or unknown.

PolarNQs least. Anthraquinones I. Most are S. S. S. Benzoquinones S. in acetic acid. S. (glacial acetic) S. S. S. (removes metal) S. S. incH 2S0 4 Dilute alkaline aqueous Unstable Fairly S. unstable S. ; conjugates S. Onlyuro P. is S. S. (8 COOH groups)S. S. (variable) S. (variable) S. (often unstable) Salts S. S. S. I. S. S. S. S. Unstable I. S. Strong alkaline aqueous I. S. I. but salts and protein-conjugates are S. ; free acids S. slightly. S. (stable in Glycosides and NH4 OH). salts are S.

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