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By A. Teeuw, H.W. Emanuels

In this booklet i've got aimed toward completeness within the feel that each one courses recognized to me, that are absolutely or partially dedicated to Malay and Bahasa Indonesia (B.I.), or are vital for the learn of those languages, were incorporated. renowned guides in non-professional periodicals were incorporated basically awfully. the entire courses pointed out within the textual content are included within the Bibliography (p. 91-157). The numerous articles in 4 post-war, semi-professional periodicals in :'1alaya and Indonesia, Dewan Bahasa, Pembina Bahasa Indonesia. 11:1 edan Bahasa, Bahasa dan Budaja, aren't pointed out individually within the Bibliography, yet sections 33 to 36 include a survey, as entire and systematic as attainable, of the contents of those periodicals in as far as they pertain to the Malay language; nor have i mentioned within the textual content or included within the Bibliography numerous countless numbers of titles of functional textbooks or school-books of Malay or B.I. that are of no significance to the medical learn of those language. those titles were entered in a separate Appendix (p. 158--171). the truth that completeness was once aimed toward definitely doesn't suggest that it's been completed. particularly a number of fresh writings from Indonesia and Malaya could have escaped my consciousness. adventure has additionally proved that courses on Malay occasionally look within the such a lot unforeseen areas. The qualification above: "publications ... dedicated to ... , or impor­ tant for the learn of" Malay and B.I. has been taken in a large sense.

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Maxwell (1878-79) first composed a collection, supplementing those by Klinkert and Favre, and later re-edited their material, often with different interpretations (1883). A new supplement was written by Clifford (1891) and another by Humphreys (1914). Wilkinson dealt with Malay proverbs on Malay character (1907). Shellabear published a large, new, comprehensive collection which has often been reprinted (1906), and Hose a smaller one (1934). Another collection of proverbs from Malaya was published by Muhammad 'Adnan bin Muhammad Arifin (1953) and a much smaller one by M.

Particularly in such an extensive language area as that of Malay there cannot but be all sorts of regional divergences, and the identification of specific names, and their assignment to specific plants and animals always meets with difficulties. Of the ordinary diction- 35 aries that by Wilkinson (1932) is certainly the most reliable and least incomplete in this field. There are particularly many botanical dictionaries or dictionaries which include plant names. As early as the first half of the 17th century Rumphius in his Herbarium Amboinense treated in an outstanding manner not only plant names, but also their parts, applications, etc.

Wilkinson (1932) also incorporated much from older books and obtained material from von Zach. Of more recent sources I mention particularly van Pernis (1950a). Pigeaud's Javanese dictionary, in fact, often marks as 'regional' all sorts of terms which appear also to be from Jakarta (1938). Gibson-Hill published some material on "a slightly distorted form of the dialect of the Malay current in Batavia", spoken in the CocosKeeling Islands (1947). Although not of primary importance for Malay, I should also make mention here of an interesting, voluminous publication by the scholar of Romance languages, Hugo Schuchardt (1890), which he published in the framework of his 'Kreolische Studien', on the 'Malayoportugiesisch', which used to be spoken in Batavia and Tugu and did not die out until late in the nineteenth century.

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