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By Harry Oldmeadow

This publication presents a biographical account of the awesome Benedictine monk, Henri Le Saux (1910-1973), who spent the final two-and-a-half a long time of his existence in India the place he immersed himself in Hindu spirituality. It strains the valuable subject matters of his prolific writings on non secular and mystical issues.

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Stuart in L 52. 30. For a clear-eyed and sensitive account of some of the difficulties in the inter-relations of Abhishiktananda, Monchanin, Mahieu, and Griffiths, see du Boulay, 153-155. 31. Quoted in S. Rohde, Jules Monchanin, 67. 32. The phrase “invisible ministry” is Bettina Bäumer’s. 33. G. Weber, In Quest of the Absolute, 3. 29 A Christian Pilgrim in India 34. For some material on the Christian ashram movement see H. Ralston, Christian Ashrams: A New Religious Movement in Contemporary India (1987); Sister Vandana Mataji, Gurus, Ashrams, and Christians (1978), and “Spiritual Formation in Ashrams in Contemporary India” (1990); Sister Vandana Mataji (ed), Christian Ashrams: A Movement with a Future?

We spent hours at it! We’d go up the ladder in his kutiya [hut] to his chapel in the attic. It would be in complete chaos, boxes and trunks and pieces of rock. There in the middle was a little table a few inches from the floor and all his treasures were underneath so they were close by, incense and camphor and brass dishes. His stone chalice and paten bought in the bazaar at Haridwar. 86 Of the Eucharist Abhishiktananda himself wrote in his journal: The Mass is not for getting anything whatever .

There was no simple answer and it was not until his last years that the dilemma was fully resolved. In our explorations of Abhishiktananda’s thought, his writings, his spiritual experience, we will find him confronting these questions again and again. Here is one of many tormented cries from his journal: “Therefore I am full of fear, plunged in an ocean of anguish whichever way I turn. . And I fear risking my eternity for a delusion. ”54 Nor was his predicament eased by his growing disenchantment with many aspects of the institutional church: 15 A Christian Pilgrim in India If only the Church was spiritually radiant, if it was not so firmly attached to the formulations of transient philosophies, if it did not obstruct the freedom of the spirit .

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