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Figure 8. Change of static domain structure in an ideal Goss oriented grain caused by compressive stress along the rolling direction (13). introduced given by: where λ100 and λ111 are magnetostriction constants for the material at a particular temperature, σ is the stress and the direction cosines of the stress and magnetization are (α1 α2 α3 ) and (γ 1 γ 2 γ 3 ) with respect to the crystal axes. Figure 8(a) shows an ideal domain structure in a perfectly oriented grain of grain-oriented silicon-iron when no stress is applied.

Figure 2. Schematic representation of grain-oriented electrical steel sheet. P. Goss). 2% silicon by weight. A crucial factor in developing good magnetic properties is to control the impurity level during the steel production process. Certain impurities such as manganese sulfide (MnS) or aluminum nitride (AlN) are needed in the development of the [001](110) texture so they must be removed in a subsequent anneal. The steel strip is coated with a thin magnesium oxide layer which reacts with the steel during a high temperature anneal to form a glass film or Forsterite layer.

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