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Step 4: Switch sides so that you are floating with your left arm extended in front of you, and your right arm is at your side. You will tend to float with your right shoulder higher than your left shoulder.

13 11:19 100 drills Step 4: Now, take a moment to describe the path of the underwater freestyle arm stroke again. Drill feedback chart Problem Modification I seem to get more lift The main purpose of the arm stroke is to move you when I use a semi-circular forward, rather than to give you lift. And, the more underwater arm stroke. forward motion you create, the better you will stay up. So, my path should go Yes! And then the hand passes straight back past the deep to shallow, and, hip. wide to narrow...

Allow your arms to hang relaxed at your sides. Draw an imaginary line connecting your left and right shoulders to your left and right hips. Within this line is your Power Zone. Step 2: Without moving your head or feet, snap your left shoulder and hip forward about 45 degrees. Feel your right shoulder and hip snap back and equal amount as a consequence. Snap your right shoulder and hip forward and feel your left shoulder and hip snap the opposite way. Practice controlling the movement from your Power Zone.

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