Our cost control management system will help you improve cash flow, minimize operating costs and save money. Most of our clients convert between 10 percent and 15 percent of their monthly revenue into profit as a direct result of implementing our system. When you work with us, we are not simply selling you a computer program. We are instead embarking on a relationship that is focused on helping you save money and succeed in a highly competitive market.

Here are the capabilities of our system, all of which will be customized to your organization and explained in detail during our personal training process.

Operational Efficiency

By gathering critical, accurate day-to-day operational information, you will be able to reduce your internal costs and achieve larger profit margins. Read More

  • Monitor cost saving procedures
  • Ensure resources are managed properly
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Minimize food waste
  • Minimize food costs while maintaining quality
  • Eliminate the need for other expensive software and programs
  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Train staff easily with clear instructions and processes

Pricing Strategy

Our system will provide you with key data that will help you create the best pricing strategy for your establishment. Read More

  • Forecast point-of-sale price changes.
  • Analyze current pricing strategy.
  • Understand core competitive pricing structure.
  • Interpret supplier price fluctuations and their impact.
  • Create profitable pricing strategy.


The quality of the food you are offering and the services you are providing will ultimately be a determining factor of whether or not your restaurant will survive and prosper. Read More

  • Ensure menu and food are consistently high quality..
  • Anticipate and meet the needs and wishes of every guest.
  • Implement simple steps for service success.
  • Remind staff of service strategy easily and routinely.
  • Analyze current steps of service.
  • Align team on simplified service strategy.
  • Assure staff is following recipes for food and drink preparation.


After you have implemented our system, you will begin realizing significant benefits to your establishment almost immediately. Read More

  • Discover truths about your operation from an unbiased, third-party expert.
  • Train managers to work on critical business areas.
  • Pinpoint inventory issues.
  • Learn how to analyze data and make better decisions to generate results.
  • Improve by seeing best practices from top restaurants.
  • Access reconciled reports within 24 hours.
  • Provide unrivaled customer service.
  • Create complete transparency of kitchen activities.
  • See product-by-product reports and information.
  • Coach your chef to empower him or her to maintain control.
  • Implement a service strategy that reflects your core values.
  • Engineer your menu system to monitor what is selling, what is profitable and how to make unprofitable items more profitable

Training Overview

When you make the decision to work with FBCS, you are not simply purchasing another technology tool or program. We do not simply leave you with a set of installation CDs, a download link, a thick instruction manual and best wishes. Instead, you are entering a relationship with us, and this relationship will be uniquely focused on your establishment and tailored to your particular issues, strengths and challenges. This commitment to you and your success is apparent when you review our extensive training protocol and review our customer's testimonials. Read More

From its very beginnings, our cost control system has had you in mind. The system was created, developed and fine-tuned based on the real, personal experiences of a hands-on restaurant employee and executive over the past three decades. The system was not created based on abstract ideas or principles, but on real problems and challenges facing a wide range of hospitality establishments.

With that as a foundation, we are ready to build a solution that is specially tailored to your core values and particular needs. Every establishment is unique, and we will begin by learning about your establishment, analyzing your current systems and processes, and tailoring the system to meet your needs.

We will provide complete hands-on training of our menu engineering tool as well as our other revenue control system tools. As you begin to enter your information, we will have live access to the data, which allows us to answer questions or troubleshoot issues throughout the month.

At the end of the first month, we will come into your establishment and walk you through your first inventory session, training you on exactly how to complete the task and enter the data. Details including beginning stock amounts, ending stock amounts, deliveries, variances, voids and discounts will be clearly seen in monthly reports. Once that information is in the system, we will walk you through reading and analyzing the report and suggest immediate business decisions that can be made. 

In the following month, you will be able to easily and clearly see where your process changes and decisions have made a positive impact and where you need to focus your attention further.

We will stay with you throughout the initial months of implementation, ensuring that you and your staff are trained and comfortable operating the system and able to continually improve month by month. As you continue to work with the system, you will see return on investment in every single month, easily converting more of your revenue into bottom line profits.