Hotel Thingholt

Hotel thingholt –

CenterHotel Thingholt offers a restaurant, SPA, meeting room, cozy atmosphere and quality service. The interior design is inspired by the Icelandic nature and is a great example of Icelandic contemporary design. Thingholt has been nominated as the boutique hotel of the year by the World Travel Awards and voted as the best hotel in Reykjavik by the TripAdvisors Traveler’s Choice Awards.I have been working with Hotel Thingholt and their restaurant Isafold for 3-4 years now opening their restaurant and Implementing quality control processes, training menu organization skill, supply chain management and revenue management control systems not just in their restaurant but throughout their hotel and during this time we have made remarkable progress throughout the hotel and we have been able to bring their cost percentages down and save them around 12% hotel wide.